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Finca Buenvino

I’ve been educated entirely in the USA, most specifically New York state, and more specifically then that a public high school, and then State University of New York at Buffalo with three young babes in attendance at commencement.


Now, at the almost age of 54, I have the opportunity for the very first time to study abroad. I’m writing, and learning to meditate, with my second daughter Sarah, at a country estate, Finca Buenvino, located north of Seville, Spain.

We’re with five other women, coming from Australia and the UK, all discovering, rediscovering, or finessing the power of putting pen to paper.

It’s been emotional, and the work has moved the two of us to tears. 

strive for new heights

Really one of the premises of every day dress, spend time with those you love, and incredibly with an opportunity to study together abroad, we are grateful, and blessed. 

Click here for information on Finca Buenvino.Click here for information on Write it Down, led most energetically by Elaine Kingett.

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