things I gather

nothing fancy, simple grocery hydrangea stuck in a vase, they kind of need to be fluffed

We’re prepping to leave town for a month, heading to a writing camp in Spain and then three weeks in France. I’ve known this trip was on the horizon, of course doing all kinds of stuff severely last minute and will for certain leave some things undone, whatever. 

Not much hotel action happening, my second daughter and I will be staying in a house in the mountains outside of Seville while writing, walking, meditating. After that we head to Provence, two weeks in one chateau and one week in another. 

Husband does the rentals, he likes a home base, somewhere for coffee in the morning, lunch on a terrace, cocktails with family. Airbnb of course, or our last trip to Kiawah he used Inspirato. Inspirato is a full-service vacation concierge with amazing properties all over. They arrange airport transfers, pre-arrival grocery and wine delivery, bicycles, boating trips, really just about anything. 

house rentals never have table linens, candles, or matches, off to market I go…

Of course, these places are well loved homes, and of course some of the every day necessities they leave out for valid reasons (like fire): table linens, candles, and matches. Wherever we land I go out and gather fresh flowers, cloth napkins, some sort of candles or votives, and matches to get things going. When all is said and done, I pack those things up, bring them home, and they all make lovely memories of very special times away. 

Every day dress, things I gather. xoxo

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