style and grace


When you live good and hard you learn and know deep down in that life is often hard and messy. Hard and messy in that we all are pretty much in it together and that to bring style and grace to the every day, messy as it may be, is a very good thing.

Today, every day dress bakes, cooks and sets the table from a deep closet: when you have good things on hand it’s easy to show the love. Stopped at the farm stand and picked up all that was in season, payed cash, how about that, and then decided what to cook. Zucchini and Cannellini, fourteen your old daughter proclaimed after dinner that she was obsessed with it. Sour cream banana bread, Three-Sisters Soup and Halibut in Pea Sauce for a Tuesday night send-off, husband and second son are going fishing, second daughter is headed to Boston MA, all tomorrow, and we showed the love further by setting the table with linen, candles, and fresh flowers.


Yes, there are bumps in the road, for sure. Let’s all use the good stuff a little more often and work to bring style and grace to the every day. Here’s to having a deep closet. Makes things easier.


PS Had many great photos, kind of thinking that cyberspace has  a time limit max for photo uploading, or maybe it’s just time to move towards the next thing. Grocery store flowers, simply cut them off at elbow height so we could all see each other across the table, and china coffee cups for soup bowls. Just haven’t had time to restock the cupboard with proper bowls, sometimes you have to make do. Living hard seems to make those every day cereal/soup bowls kind of disappear.

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  1. I am thinking I may need that halibut recipe. Pea sauce? Yum!

    • So delicious, garlic, shallots, half and half, peas, cooked and then to the blender. Maybe I should post specifics and credit the cookbook. 🙂

  2. I’m thinking you need to come cook for my in my new apartment… Maybe a Spa weekend? xx

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