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Mid-November, and it’s time for evergreen. Last week emailed my client list with ‘no freaking out’. Yes, holidays are coming and we all need a guide. LOVE Martha, and used to follow her verbatim, but now that I’m a working girl need to get some good-looking results in way less time. Alexis, please post more on your blog, www.alexisstewart.com, love you too.

Bought this stuff at the grocery when the mums were looking way too tired. They needed switching out.  $9.99 for a dwarf specimen, I’ll take two. Three bunches of clipped boxwood etc. and good to go. Never forget when I thought I needed the fancy florist ten years ago- she came over and just kept sticking green boughs everywhere for a pretty fancy price. Pretty basic and thought, yes, I can do that too. So, bought some green stuff and stuck it in the dirt. And, thanks, Mom, they didn’t run out of the wreaths just yet.

Switched out the sweater jacket and made it a dress for the days activities. Standing in the closet, needing to be at a meeting and pick up the coffee in ten minutes and what to wear? Sweater worn as a dress with tights and boots.

To keep from freaking out my game plan is to do a little bit every day. Now that the garage is ‘decorated,’ in about only ten minutes, every time I pull in I’ll feel a sense of calm, maybe. Do what you can, every day.

Every day dress starts to get ready for the holidays. Oh, boy.

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