For friday night dinner out to chic suburban french restaurant, chose little black jacket, of course, silk charmeuse tank, and, can’t seem to help it did try some grey flannel trousers, dark wash blue jeans.

Black jacket was crepe and went with some pants several seasons ago. You know those times when you stand in your closet and wonder, okay, what to wear? Been having those times kind of frequently. Well, it’s Friday mid-november and pretty much all systems go from now until january.

Get your going out clothes together. Pull the black jacket from the black suit and push the sleeves way up and add a silk tank. No worries about the tank hanging below the hem of the jacket. Short over long is okay. Look at your clothes, show a bit of skin, add a high heel pump instead of a boot, it will be snowing soon enough, and enjoy the company of others.

Blue jeans, can’t seem to get away from them. Guess that’s what the gym visits are for. Still able to wear blue jeans, and put them on at some point almost every day, closer to fifty than forty.

The only thing new in tonight’s ensemble for dinner out with husband, fourth daughter and friend, were two accessories. Shoes and bracelet. Shoes bought from friend, bracelet in Italy. Added the bright bag as a last-minute thought.

Every day dress does chic suburban french restaurant on a friday.

Thanks everyone for reading. 16,274 site visits. Have a great saturday.





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  1. Love the outfit! Been wanting to go to Tabree, how was it?

    • Hello Jennifer. Thanks for the comment and compliment. You could easily pull off this outfit- very easy and mostly black. Yes, Tabree is definitely worth checking out! Profiteroles for dessert are beyond…

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