the basics


Every day dress has had every good intention of posting fashion and lifestyle pieces since last week thursday. Plenty of opportunity- sharing of holiday party and fashion photos, in and out fancy travel to NYC, more party photos, upcoming travel and packing tips for CA, holiday shopping ideas- not so high on the list right now.

Here’s my suggestion on how to get through times like this: always move back to basics. Repetitive but helpful. Make the bed, get out of the exercise clothes, have protein at breakfast, put on some makeup, walk the dog(s) or walk for miles, make dinner for those you love, light some candles, enjoy a glass of wine, celebrate the good, keep the faith.

Photos shown are from cooking class in september in italy. Learned how to make fresh pasta with truffles that were harvested that morning.

Sandy, all the way around, rest in peace.

Every day dress focuses on the basics.



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