Okay, so everyone is all dressed up and running around doing a zillion things? It’s that time of year. Every day dress is pleased to report on some very satisfying last weekend activity: wore the exact, and I mean exact, same outfit two days in a row, both saturday and sunday, blue jeans, grey sweater. Spent time making eggs and pancakes, both days, hanging with husband and two youngest daughters, and weeding the garden. Yes, weeding, in december, in buffalo, ny. It was a great weekend.

Felt a little overwhelmed by all that will happen in the next few weeks. You know, all that crazy stuff that we all do year after year. Crazy great like blogged about before but all the same crazy great stuff. To beat the heat decided to stay in and make applesauce to go with sunday night’s dinner. Couldn’t even think about going out to the grocery so took a drawer full of apples, cored and quartered them, dumped them in a pot with 1/2 cup water, boiled, stirred, mashed, processed through the good old food mill and put leftover cinnamon sugar in them and it was love for dinner. Simple food, light some candles, and nobody wanted to leave the table. Buttered noodles, haricots verts, the other white meat, and we sat there for some blissful hours.

Have a lot to do the next two weeks? Maybe try wearing the same thing for a few days in a row and make something like good old-fashioned applesauce. Puts everything in a bit of perspective.

Tomorrow, like today and yesterday, back to the endless check list. Naughty or nice? I’ll take a little of each.

Every day dress makes applesauce and wears the same outfit two, or even three days in a row on the weekend, in december.


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  1. Beckie
    We used to make homemade applesauce when Lauren & Ethan were little 24 years ago
    I’m baking bread today in oven not in bread maker.
    Happy holidays to you & your family!

    • Tracy
      Those days feel like yesterday sometimes! I am waiting for your cookbook 🙂

      • It’s hard to believe they are that old .
        Cookbook is just about done. Just a few finishing touches that I didn’t have in the first one
        Happy holidays

        • The first one? Where is it? How can I get it?
          Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family too! Miss your mom! She was always so much FUN.

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