the black jacket, times two

DSC01436Okay, letting you know I honestly stress about this blogging stuff, especially the grammar and spelling, so had to put up a new post quick since the last one that went out to subscribers had both a spelling and grammar error and once that publish button is hit, even after editing, there’s no taking it back. So sorry subscribers, that kind of thing keeps me awake at night.

Here goes: when something in your wardrobe works for you, why not consider two? For last trip to Europe brought two black jackets, wore one or the other most of the time and the other was packed, ready to go. Sometimes you just want to change it up. Men do it, how many jackets do they pack?


For road trip and travel wore the standard blue jeans and black sleeveless shirt and boots, dressed it up with a black jacket. Once checked in changed into the second black jacket, wanted something fresh and since we were keeping the packing light couldn’t really change the entire outfit. When doing the daily every day dress runaround a sweater would probably be seen here but the jacket kind of gives the blue jeans a bit more credibility.

Black jacket times two means you always have a back-up. Back-ups are good.


Hotel Marqués de Riscal in Elciego, Spain? Beyond….


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  1. Beautiful Rebecca! Kicking myself for not buying the jacket with the push up sleeves!!! If I see it in my size at your sample size…’s going to be mine!!!

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