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As these seem to be all the rage, you can read about them in the New York Times and even Town & Country, and it is Halloween night, thought I would do one more post about recent trip to Spain.

Not really what I would go to all the time but when you’re in Spain drinking champagne and eating oysters and your husband is looking for a good cigar, why not vapor, baby? Kate Moss indulges, this is fashion and lifestyle, fashion and lifestyle is also about trends.

These eshish sticks are nicotine, tobacco, and tar free. Purchased the multi fruit ones in Madrid from the adorable wait staff and have ordered pomegranate online back home state-side. They ship out immediately and arrive in about 3 days. A bit of London and the vacation feeling delivered to your door.

Happy Halloween, and, vapor, baby. Have fun and be safe. Nicotine, tobacco, and tar free.


Every day dress.


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