the island vibe

Today was a full on office day, phone calls and catching up with clients, colleagues, friends.



Caught a bit of the island vibe from Ann, she’s traveling to Turks & Caicos, one of our favorites, for the first time this Saturday.

We talked a bit about what she might pack, a woman after my heart she’s a straight carry on for sure.


Bikinis, sandals, a big hat, some white jeans and a maxi dress. Lightweight and packable sneakers for the morning walk and the afternoon bike ride to town to get some chilled wine.

As for the dress, this would be my pick:


Some of my favorite night-time island vibe memories have been had wearing a long print dress. Over and over, you only need one.

The airport’s been updated, make sure on your flight out to head straight upstairs. Watch the planes come in and out, catch one last drink.



travel look | white everything, two handbags inside a tote aka KonMari | laptop in the carry on

Every day dress, the island vibe. Have a ball, Ann, see you in February. 🙂

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