the kate


As in Moss, not the other beautiful one, the new mum.

Lifestyle post: sometimes things are too much fun, way too hard, or just one of those days. When the enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day gets a little carried away, here is what we call the kate.

Real Coca-Cola , not that diet stuff, and an Advil or two. Take anytime, two in the morning, five in the morning, seven in the morning, perhaps even twelve noon. Read somewhere sometime that that’s what super stylish Kate Moss does after a late night.

Thinking that if you are into fashion, over the age of twenty, enjoy a glass of wine or two, the kate might be a helpful remedy.

Channeling Kate Moss anyway I can, even if it’s with a Coca-Cola and an Advil after a long week of work.

Every day dress informally offers up the kate. Love that the dog doesn’t get too concerned with every day challenges.

Have a great weekend all. xoxo


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  1. AHHH!!!! Wonderful! 2 diet ginger ales is my cure for the royal morning after. Best taken when there’s time to return to bed!

  2. The Kate works wonders!!

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