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Not quite sure where you get to help an 84-year-old woman pick out three new outfits, show a very fashionable  woman new things for Fall 2013 that travels all over the country and has a fondness for quality workmanship and fine fabrics, and assure another woman that yes she is really a size M in knitwear and not size L, all while working from home and wearing a cashmere tee, stretch linen pants, and rockstud shoes.


Yes, work is work. When you love what you do it can be best work. Every day dress, we love what we do. Helping women find clothes they look and feel great in. We even get to cook dinner. Wild halibut, coho salmon, local broccoli, local corn, local romaine, two kinds of fresh bread with of course salted real butter. Had we had more time would have totally trimmed that corn to even lengths. Traded corn trimming for a decadent hour of weeding in the garden. 🙂


Today’s outfit was great. Never felt like changing even once. Handled the entire day’s activities and then some.


Always room for more best work.

Pale Heather Grey Cashmere Modern Polo Pullover | Worth New York Spring 2013

Black Linen Sydney Pant | Worth New York Summer 2013

Valentino Rockstud Shoes | can go all day in them no kidding | Valentino

ps. Cashmere Pullover purchased from ongoing sample sale…email here if you too are interested in some great samples.

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  1. last picture is great – rockstar!


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