the t-rescue


Last twenty-four hours at the Otesaga Hotel & Cooper Inn in Cooperstown NY pure delight. Baseball Hall of Fame, great.

Highlight of the trip was swimming along side and pushing overturned canoe to the resort dock performing a t-rescue. Husband and third daughter thought it was fun to paddle too close causing Us to capsize. After the initial shock it was “kind of” funny.

Google search says the two most imprtant things to do when your canoe overturns are to save the paddles and stay with the boat. As thirteen year old daughter was wearing her life preserver and was fine but very mad, I went for the Manolo Blahnik crocodle sandals and the new Joie striped silk blouse. JCrew shorts from a few seasons back were up for sacrifice.

Back at the room after a hot shower husband tells me, ‘you know, crocodiles LIVE in water, sandals will be fine.

In photos here I am wearing said black Manolo Blahnik crocodile sandals, Roberto Cavalli coverup, and silver cuff from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery museum shop.

Next stop, Newport RI. Happy Sunday.

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