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Working from home in the world of fashion with fabulous and interesting women is the absolute best. Looking for women that would like to add another dimension to their probably already busy and full lives is an active pursuit. Showing four collections seasonally of beautiful clothes and helping women dress and build wardrobes is engaging and rewarding.

Husband and I both work hard and spend tons of time with our six children. As they spread out geographically and the pace of life just seems to get faster and faster I wanted to capture time spent with them and what I do.

Life is a wonderful thing. I jumped into this blogosphere to share my work and lifestyle and how great these clothes are from the company I represent, Worth New York. I take my laptop, camera, iPhone and iPad with me to wherever I may be. I can work and blog from anywhere. It’s great. My two youngest daughters take many of the photos and when I can get him husband edits text. Nineteen year old daughter has helped me set the theme and to get the rotators going. Many, many thanks. On my own I learned to install the wordpress plugin on my iPad so now I can post from that too.

These photos are a random sampling of arriving in Newport RI, posting yesterday afternoon in the hotel room, and me, husband, and four fashion loving daughters dressed for dinner.

In the posting shots I am wearing the Cream Denim Lucy Pant, Black and White Stripes on Jersey Tank, both from Spring/Summer 2012, and striped silk scarf from many seasons back. Dinner shots feature Apple Martini Sequin Blouse and white DL1960 jeans.

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