thinking things through

IMG_0055We’re coming up on two years here at every day dress, thank you for stopping by, reading regularly, liking or not liking. Used to be a long distance runner, miles and time have worn out the feet so writing here has provided many of the same soulful benefits, thank you.

If one thought were to come from this blog of mine, it would be to live each day with intent. Whatever your passion, whatever your choice, make an effort, make a difference.

To lighten things up, here’s some fashion notes from photos taken last weekend in Naples FL while thinking things through: black v neck sweater, you’ve seen it before, love the length, long under a short jacket. Jacket was worn on the plane with blue jeans, gray tee and fancy sneakers, here you see it dressed up with white denim and nude suede heels. Carried only one bag for four days, the camel vintage Hermès. Used to pack way too much stuff, it’s so much easier when you take less.

Every day dress thinking things through. Thank you, 90,000 site views. Not bad for a kitchen table cottage industry.

clothing | Worth New York

bag | Heritage Auctions

shoes | Aquazurra



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  1. keep it coming, everydaydress, love it!

  2. Thank you for putting every day into a fashionable perspective. Kitchen table – cottage whatever…. Its skyscraper inspiration!!!

  3. Love this photo of you Rebecca! Stylish yet comfortable…a timeless look. Can’t remember when I started following your blog but your’s is one of my favorites! I am writing to you from Canyon Ranch in AZ where living daily with intent is a major theme. Thank you for speaking to your readers about more than just fashion as you have a lot to say that is worth hearing!

    • Thank you, Nancy, so nice to hear from you. I hope you having an amazing restorative time at Canyon Ranch, AZ is beautiful country. Safe travels and I do hope our paths cross again soon. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your very gracious comment. xoxo

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