a white dress in leather


We all kind of know there’s nothing out there that’s easier than a dress, and when its white leather and not super-fitted, probably a home run.

Have been in the market for a leather dress for some time now. Didn’t want to do black, or dark, or fitted, especially headed towards fifty. Couldn’t do a color, way too color shy, so when this style hit, pulled the trigger.

An investment, for sure. Doubles up as a coat, over jeans and a sweater. Wore this exact look to fourth daughter’s catholic school auction. Felt modern, stylish: a little conservative all buttoned up, a little sexy as it’s a little short in length, but most of all felt great because of the shape, fit, color, and cut. A white dress in leather had the feeling of not trying too hard.

As time moves forward, and that’s a good thing, our clothing choices invoke a mood, tell a story, create a feeling.

Every day dress, a white dress in leather.

White Leather Dress Coat | Worth New York

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