this time of year

Every morning we wake up and vow to do it better: all kinds of things, social, style, food, family, and otherwise. Here we are sixth day of December and the feeling continues, let’s somehow do it better, and we just can’t get there.

This time of year, when it gets dark before we’re even settled in, thinking we need to simply settle on the simple. Shared meals, good outfits, nothing over the top, and enjoying the moment. Tree has lights, no ornaments, and it’s feeling okay.

Had a kind of big style post saved in the draft section, wanted to hit post, just wasn’t feeling it. We’ve got work going on, and things to clean up, always.

At a time when it can all feel over the top, wishing you and yours moments of peace.


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  1. Enjoy your holidays. And, rest assured, Becky, that you always do it better!

    • Thank you, yet not sure we always do it better, it’s really just a lot of grit. 🙂

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