two days and two nights


Not a romantic weekend, but satisfyingly productive. Carine Roitfeld advises a woman should go through and edit her closet every five years. With husband out-of-town and only the youngest daughter at home, did just that over the course of two days and two nights.

Took everything out and with a bucket washed the whole thing down. Organized by item and color. Yes, there is a sea of black. Put the colored things together as they make me nervous, they might have to go but for now they stay.

To create a feeling of calm and order, have all your hangers match. Does wonders no matter what size closet you have to work with. These here are the same make and brand I use for trunk shows and I simply buy them by the box full and they’re delivered straight to the door. Sure beats TJ’s.

When you collect clothes over a decade or so it can seem overwhelming to get the lot in order. Two days and two nights, along with two bottles of wine, and this DIY project is done and over for a while.

Every day dress does a bit of spring cleaning in the closet. Like a workout, feels so good once you get started.

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