Two Easy Looks

green salad, roast chicken with carrots and onions over polenta

Last week I cooked roasts two nights in a row, Monday night pork tenderloin, Tuesday night roast chicken. I know, it’s pretty much all about grilling late July, simply decided to roast. 

barefoot and easy dress
sixteen or seventeen year old dress, brought out of storage
I’ve been baking bread several times a week and slice it and place it right on the tablecloth

I also wore two easy dresses both nights, with the pork it was tie-dye, that seems to be a thing now, and with the chicken a long floral jersey thing. 

The tie-dye husband bought for me in Ellicottville at the downtown shop Gado Gado, it was $68. We were on lawn cutting duty and weeding duty and date night all wrapped into one and he wanted to get me something new for dinner that night in. I’ve worn that dress once or twice a week since then, it’s super easy. 

The long floral number was actually a prom dress hopeful for oldest daughter sixteen or seventeen years ago. We ordered it online way back when and she wasn’t crazy about it as it wasn’t quite fancy enough, so I kept it, rather than return. It’s come out of storage on and off and this season it’s on. 

I’ve taken to plating over buffet, makes things feel a little nicer
If I’m going to roast one, I might as well roast two

The roast chicken dinner totally won over the pork. The polenta was the thing that put it over the top; I’ve learned to use sparkling mineral water for the 1 to 4 corn meal to water ratio, it really does make a difference. 

So much is uncertain now and no one seems to know any answers, it’s starting to take a toll on those I love. One thing they can count on from me is there will always be dinner. Just now I slipped into the oven a one-bowl wonder for dessert this evening, the New York Times One-Bowl Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake. If anyone you know might be struggling too, old fashioned chocolate cake might take a bit of the edge off, or at least they’ll know you’re thinking of them. I like to under-bake it just slightly, moist and gooey. 

Every day dress, two easy looks.

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  1. What a sweet and kind suggestion — old fashion chocolate cake! BRILLANT!

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