Late Summer Footnotes

changing seasons, how irresistible are these tiny feet…

August for us is historically bittersweet, the winding down of one season with the hopeful anticipation of the next. This year we’re just not certain of what lies ahead. 

I almost always celebrate family birthdays at home with a special dinner
here I set the table for my 55th while the kids cooked
very small bouquets in water glasses, flowers and herbs cut from the garden
machine washable linen napkins, always

We always celebrate two family birthdays, our youngest, Peanut, and our oldest, Ethel. Peanut turns twenty tomorrow, and Ethel eighty-one in less than a week. Happy Birthday to both. 

Booie comes home soon from Boston, Peanut off to Providence College, Lizzie at Furman University

Bill has driven 2,400 miles to get Lizzie and Peanut back to college, Lizzie’s now settled in at Furman University in SC and Peanut at Providence College RI. It was a whole thing getting them off, they haven’t been on campus since April when they each left for spring break never to return for their spring semester. Each had that nervousness of almost a freshman, beginning all over again. I cooked favorite foods, Bill booked an off-campus apartment, sent in new beds and mattresses and air conditioners. 

tears, sad and joyful. nothing like a new baby.

There have been plenty of tears, and Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore has been played on repeat, August sipped away like a bottle of wine. Her bonus track ‘The Lakes’ pretty much speaks to Lizzie in code, for she studied and researched Dorothy Wordsworth all summer long from home when she was initially supposed to be summer studying in the UK, the Lake District being one of her favorite visits from her fall semester abroad. 

we’ve walked miles and miles

For me, I spent countless hours in the kitchen and the garden, and walked endless country-road miles, many alone, many with my daughters, and many with my husband. We had the joy of a new baby and new parents in the house, Caroline and Sean and beautiful Peyton, and they are returning for a few weeks to celebrate Labor Day weekend and more with us. Booie will be coming home too, she is now settled in Southie with her sister, helping to care for and grow this sweet child, it does take a village and more. 

Ethan and Lindsey
Maxwell and Lexi

The boys continue their love affairs, they too have exquisite women in their lives, and we count them as family, and blessings. 

Professionally I’ve taken on an entirely brand-new opportunity, Atelier Direct, the newest arm of Lafayette 148, a global luxury lifestyle brand. I’m one of twenty-five nationwide stylists that will work one to one with women at home, helping them to build their wardrobes so that they each can feel their unique strength. I truly believe that when you are wearing beautiful, well-constructed garments that you feel great in, your day is irrevocably better. I have not been this inspired, excited, or felt this desire by and for clothing in many years, the product line is that good. It feels so refreshing to have something to completely wrap my arms around. Time is precious, I want for myself and those in my life to have their best days, always. 

While Monday, September 7th is unofficially the last day of summer 2020, I just can’t let it go yet. I’ll be in the kitchen cooking all of nature’s bounty to share with family and friends well into the autumnal equinox, because why not? Our worlds can be what we make of them. 

we simply can’t give up hope

Even though there is spinning, global uncertainty, we can celebrate. Wishing you the courage and energy to shape these late summer days and nights so that they become soulful, unforgettable memories.

all photos by Sarah Bridgeman Photography

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  1. My favorite post ever!! Beautifully written and photographed.

  2. Beautifully written and photographed.

  3. Beautifully written and photographed. One of my favorite posts. Happy double nickel. I’m right up ahead of you by one 🙂

    • Thank you. Older and wiser, I’ll take it. My best to you and yours. xoxo

  4. As always – so fabulous.

    • Thank you so very much. xoxo

  5. Just beautiful! xo

    • Thank you. Love what I do.

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