Up on the Rooftop

Dear Every Day Dress Friends, 

I wrote this post on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, and went to work to upload photos and post, yet there was no room at the inn (website space overloaded; imagine that- even with neglect you can go overboard). Now I’m back, with help from my website manager, thank you Williams Media. 

So many different tables this year, tables with less, a table for one. 

Heading into a very different December, I’m trying to take the high road, and help keep others up there too. Cook and dress, share some love. Now, more than ever, sending so much virtual love your way.

This past summer I served dinner outdoors, all the time. Son-in-law arrived last week for Thanksgiving festivities and commented he’s never eaten so many meals outdoors after visiting us. I followed the sun and the shade all around, always seeking out the best spots. Late August, I did a small, intimate dinner for six, up on our rooftop, off of the master bedroom. It was cozy and nice, and we talked until the sun went down. 

Carrying up tables and chairs, food and drink, no problem. Candles and flowers, easy too. 

Now I’m in the thick of what most call the biggest meal of the year (Thanksgiving!), and I just don’t feel like I have it in me. Sure, it’s Wednesday afternoon and all the provisions are in place and I know I’ll pull it off by the time I ring the dinner bell tomorrow, but honestly, I’m simply not having an easy time of it.  

I really have no idea who will be at our table tomorrow and I’ve birthed six of the possibilities. The woman who birthed me is a hard no, haven’t seen her since Caroline’s baby shower and that was March 7th.

Drama everywhere, amongst our many blessings. I know we’re not the only family missing members at our table this year. 

So I’m off to start the pies, and hopefully in a few weeks when those reindeer fly, we might all feel a little more magic.

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