Use it all Up

even in the rain there’s always garden work to be done

There’s a hambone on the stove simmering in some scratch chicken stock, and I’m wearing last year’s well-loved black turtleneck sweater. There’s an eight-inch-long side rip in the seam opening of that cashmere piece, and that’s okay. 

we had so many peppers from the garden, and parsley was everywhere, in the pots and in the ground
I cleaned, chopped, and froze the parsley placing it in zip-loc bags for use throughout the year

While my footprint on this earth might not be commendable, I do try and use the things I gather all the way up. It’s a very small thing to do, using the things you have to their full exhaustion point, yet it yields some significant high satisfaction. 

six organic chickens, not a great image if you are plant-based
I did use every bit of them, spread out over three meals, feeding nine people twice, and eleven for a birthday dinner
coq au vin, using the leg and thigh, and scratch bread

I recently bought six organic chickens, for I had a full house, and lots of meals to put out. First night we had coq au vin using the thigh and leg only, I kind of love that I know how to break a chicken down, even if that seems a little strange and weird. 

The back bones were saved for stock, the rest of the whole shebang was put in the fridge, we had other things to do. 

there’s a great little piece of chicken milanese underneath all that arugula
gummi bears and small party hats on the table too
lots of wine, and fun and intoxicating margarita!

Thanksgiving came and went, and then there was a birthday party, Booie turned 28! Chicken Milanese and Strawberry Cake! 

I cut the breast meat off the bone and pounded it thin, it was quite exceptional fried up with an egg and breadcrumb coating under a mound of arugula. 

chicken salad made with the leftovers, and whole wheat toast with some really excellent butter

Tired of pounding and frying, the rest of the situation I simply covered in some thick heavy cream and baked it for about 20 minutes or so. Once cool, shredded it all up, mixed in some mayo, chopped celery, walnuts, and tarragon, and called it all lunch. 

Peanut helping me put the chicken milanese together by making the mashed patotoes
frying the cutlets together for the chicken milanese, she’s wearing one of my ‘vintage’ Etro shirts, and Chanel hoops borrowed from her sister Booie that I gifted years ago, in a sense using it all up with the things we wear too

Peanut and I had lunch together this afternoon (leftover pasta from last night’s dinner) after her morning of Zoom school and we counted our blessings for having good food in the house. 

Every day dress, trying to use it all up. 

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  1. Bravo! I’m all about reusing, repurposing, restyling. Love that your girls are learning from you,

    • Thank you, it’s all a process, learning and sharing new things…
      Thank you for reading along. xoxo

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