VB Beauty

the new eye makeup line as shown in her flagship Dover Street store, London

Beauty products, and fragrance, can so often be the gateway for getting close to an aspirational brand. Sure, having a desire to achieve higher social status through acquiring luxury goods might seem trivial or even off-putting to some, I can’t lie, I like nice stuff.

The term ‘aspirational brand’ has its’ own Wikipedia page, and it talks about the ‘aspirational model’ used by fashion magazines: to offer readers clothing (and continually changing) fashion, beauty, and physical ideals they can aspire to, but perhaps never actually achieve. Woah. 

the right wall of the boutique was covered in poster images of her signature smokey eye
with my purchase I also received one of the posters

Victoria Beckham has been designing some really good clothes, clothes I would love to wear and own. While in London recently I popped in her flagship Dover Street boutique and was completely charmed. Clean, angular, and chic (a reflection of her, right?), her designs were beautiful and felt modern and wearable. I don’t own any of her pieces. I aspire to them, and really hope to have a few of her garments in my closet one day. For now, I’ve dipped into her new beauty line. I bought an eye palette, eyeliner, and a finishing lid lustre. The palette and liner work beautifully, haven’t used the lustre yet. One caveat- Victoria Beckham Beauty is leaning towards clean beauty, and with that they omitted a sharpener from the eyeliner. Unnecessary because you might already have one? Maybe, yet I couldn’t properly sharpen the liner with the sharpener I own after repeated uses. I read somewhere that there is an option to buy the liner with the sharpener, in my online research for this post I could not find a link, sorry. 

we loved walking the streets of Mayfair and admiring the brownstones
love the red door, geraniums, and ivy in the window boxes
this is stunning yet the husband would have me hand trim/prune all of that gorgeous coverage, he prefers a clean look
two of my new purchases among my stash
up close of the recyclable packaging
love the tortoise compact
dress I wore while shopping around Mayfair, this is a Lela Rose design I bought sixteen years ago, still fits. my oldest daughter wore it to my sisters wedding in Italy fifteen years ago. It’s a classic.
I styled it with a belted jacket I bought in Provence this past summer

Anyway, my hopeful gateway to wearing Victoria Beckham clothing one day has been the addition of a few make-up items to my kit. For about $120 total I can feel part of her look. She’s really into what she’s doing, you can check her Wikipedia page out here and read a little about her new line of beauty products here at British Vogue. I think she’s a good act. I even received a handwritten note with my purchase, that’s pretty special.

her ‘handwritten’ note on the paper poster I received with purchase
Victoria’s smokey eye poster

ps. on Saturday, October 19th, I’ll be speaking about ‘reigniting your confidence and style’ with 5 other experts at a Wellness Workshop: Creating a Beautifully Balanced Lifestyle hosted by Patti Green. For details and to register visit: bit.ly/bblifewellness.

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