walk the line


Husband was in the johnny cash kind of mood this morning so when getting dressed for the day of course followed suit. Black again. Did get some color in there with a red lipstick.

For at-home computer work and running around town, outfit was great. Felt a bit rebellious and even wore the jeans out to the buffalo yacht club for a holiday party menu meeting. Not supposed to wear jeans to clubs, but hey, it’s friday and it’s snowing out there.

Grab a warm coat, a bright lipstick, and have a great weekend everyone.

Cheer up baby, I walk the line.


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  1. Rebecca,

    I enjoy reading your blog, been doing so since mid-summer. It is an easy time of year to fall into the same mood as the weather of Western NY…gray. I refer to it as the 5th season. So much you can to to cheer yourself up. You look great with some color on your lips…like it too when you smile in your blog photos. If you are the mood to wear black…no worries, simply dress it up with a colorful scarf, colorful gloves, a fun necklace, even colorful nails can help remind you to stay cheerful and jazz it up in simply ways. It is the simple pleasures that can keep you mindful of your blessings in spite of the colder days of gray. Keep posting and sharing your thoughts and wonderful ideas with us…you inspire many more than you may realize. I also encourage others to post comments, feed back, fashion questions, etc. Inspiration works both ways.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. In fact, you made my day! It helps to feel like part of a community. Yes, inspiration does work both ways. Thank you.

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