thirty days


Every day dress is in secaucus nj for some fashion preview and enrichment training. Totally looking forward to the next twenty-four hours. Brain craves new things.

Couldn’t sleep after driving all day so decided to share some lifestyle news- have always been intrigued by dermatologist and nutritionist Nicholas Perricone MD.  Several of his best-selling books occupy significant space in and by the nightstand. Always seem to revisit them, must be the forty  getting closer to fifty thing. Love the food he recommends on his three-day face lift diet, what’s not to love about eggs, berries, greens, and salmon, so decided to give his skin care and supplements a whirl too.

Decided to do this because it’s adding things to the day, not restricting. Adding skin and body supplements and concentrating on eating delicious and healthy anti-imflammatory foods with moderate red wine, yes. Following some super strict plan that basically sets you up for failure, no way. Have never been good at that.

Three days down, twenty-seven to go. Not a bad way to move through the very busy month of december. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt, turkey, and salmon, enjoy a glass of red wine, add some skin and body supplements, a new face cream or two and life is good.

Thank you for reading. Every day dress wishes everyone health and wellness.

For more information on Perricone MD, click here.







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