watermint and blossom


Watermint and blossom, those two words can kind of get your attention during a July heat wave.

Honestly, have no idea what I was thinking when I signed on for full-time work with the husband, kids, dogs, homes, etc., especially in the middle of July. Feel like we are treading water and seems like every women I speak with seems to feel the same way.

So, since the work is full-time, here goes: Every day dress is styling many women for their busy days from the Spring Summer 2013 Sample Sale. Today I happily outfitted a women who stays away from the mall at all costs and she carried out two silk scarves, that black cardigan that is a wardrobe essential and has been posted about here before, a jersey geometric top, and a cardigan sweater that has the polish of any jacket.

Pictured here? What was worn for husband’s work retreat last weekend at Geneva on the Lake. Watermint and Blossom Silk Twisted Halter Dress and Pale Blossom Croc Belt. Very ladylike. Incidentally, have both the dress and belt available at Sample Sale, 50% off. Email me here, rebecca@everydaydress.com if you would like me to see if we have your size. Many other great samples that may tempt you as well.

If you are a woman and working full-time and feel like you need a little pick-up before the weekend with something new and fun to wear, I can help you.

Every day dress is working Sample Sale in the middle of July. Why not go for a little watermint and blossom?



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