summer in the city


It’s been hot. And humid. Actually retreated from the country house to the city house where there is air conditioning. Husband has had me on the run and eating and drinking almost everything in upstate New York. Thank you ponte.

Most women I work with have a five pound or so swing. Five pounds up, five pounds down. Ponte knit is there for you when you when you want to drink it all in and maybe even order the house cheesecake. Oh, yes.

Ordered this dress in one size up because that was all there was. When it arrived thought it needed the tailor, a little loose in the hips. No longer. After a good weekend or two it fits just right, could maybe even go up one, but went back to the gym this morning so we are going down to where we were before all this fun.

For summer in the city after a full day of working sample sale, every day dress does ponte knit. If you would like to shop sample sale, email me here at Slowly helping women with beautiful things to wear.


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