we love ina

IMG_4542IMG_4585IMG_4591IMG_4593IMG_4598IMG_4606IMG_4601IMG_4611IMG_4607IMG_4608IMG_4615IMG_4618IMG_4619If you operate a little last-minute like we do here and are still wondering what to cook for a crowd this weekend, we love Ina. While Martha and Julia have inspired many a fine meal, it’s Ina we really have fun with.

Her recipes always work, can be easily multiplied, ingredients are accessible or can be easily substituted, and her whole aura seems to encourage dance parties in the kitchen while cooking.

Shown here are photos from last week late Friday night while prepping for Saturday’s annual birthday party for youngest daughter. We have a big party every year and just kind of cook for fifty never really knowing who’s showing. As she has grown, cotton candy, sno cones, and the bounce house have given way to smoked salmon dip, marinated organic grilled chicken breasts, green beans gremolata, lobster mac & cheese, roasted potatoes and caesar salad. Party started at 6 pm rather than 2pm, she is thirteen now, and we so danced the night away in the barn that we forgot all about cake.

Ina’s food is all about do it yourself. Thank you Barefoot Contessa for inspiring us all to eat well, have fun, and not take it all too seriously.

We love Ina. Wishing you all crazy great food this weekend.

Every day dress.

food inspired by Ina Garten | Barefoot Contessa

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