spotted and blank


IMG_4830IMG_4846IMG_4834Really wanted to wear white, as posted before, and did for 9 am soccer game, when it came time for dinner out and the sky was gray with clouds and rain all around, just had to go dark.

It was one of those times when you just don’t know what to wear. Consulted with second daughter for her opinion, she’s all packed for a semester in Spain, and she offered up these terrific Blank black jeans. She said, ‘mom, they’re $80, so different from the usual $220, and I love them.’ Well, second daughter, I think I’m loving them too. Thank you for sharing. Paired them with a Gucci sleeveless spotted shell, from the closet archive probably five or six years old, and those old Manolo Blahnik shoes and new season Worth New York push-up sleeves blazer and we were good to go. Outfit felt right.

Three of four of us went spotted, oldest daughter is at three-day musical festival and second daughter defaulted to all black. So easy.

Booie, loving the Blank denim, think those might need to stay stateside.

Every day dress, spotted and Blank.

sleeveless spotted shell | many seasons ago | Gucci

black jeans | Blank NYC

black blazer | Worth New York

ps Loving this black blazer. So many fashion magazines are saying this season is all about the blazer, this one, from Worth New York Spring 2012 has it going on.

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