wear it, own it





Sometimes you find yourself underdressed, overdressed, or maybe even weirdly dressed.



Yesterday, one of those days. Ditched the country house and country office, way too hot, and ditched the too tight white jeans. Slipped on black leather in the middle of July, and a tank, with nothing else. Totally cool.

Tell my girls and my clients, wear it, own it.

We’re working fall 16 and having a ball.

Every day dress, wear it, own it.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Decided to wear the same pants to a black and white party the other night!!!! Everyone thought they were silk! Look great with a high heeled wedge too!

  2. You always look great and the shoes always fit the outfit in style and comfort. Who makes these? How do you find such great style with a comfortable heel.

    • Thank you, the shoes are by Lanvin. After years of long distance running, five pregnancies with six kids (twins!) I just can’t or won’t put my feet into anything I can’t get around fast in anymore. So, mid-heels and or block heels are now my footwear style go-to.

  3. Thanks. Just found these shoes on a website. Do they fit true to size or run small, narrow? I ask because some overseas shipping is involved and European sizes are always tricky. Thanks for your time.

    • I went down one size. I got mine at Saks Fifth Avenue in Tampa FL. My boys go down a size in the men’s sneakers as well. Good luck! I hope you love them!

      • Too ironic. I live in Tampa, Fl. You must have purchased these shoes awhile ago, Saks moved to Sarasota several years ago and I do miss the store. Thanks for your help.

        • Ohh, than maybe it was Saks in San Francisco! Sorry, can’t keep it straight. Or Neiman, lol. Good luck!

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