peas in salad







During the months of July and August we do as much as we can to avoid any unnecessary trips to the grocery. We absolutely avoid the mall.

Saturday afternoon farmers market haul yielded a bunch of lettuce and vegetables, local homemade sausage, local dried pasta and jarred sauce (tomatoes aren’t ripe yet).


Saturday night dinner was said sausage slowly pan-cooked, and the freshest most delicious salad, could eat that again right about now.

The peas took time to shuck, good things always do, and tossed on the salad with thinly sliced radishes, divine. No cookbook, no recipe card, simply bought and served what was there at the time.

We’re back in the office, the one out in the country, prepping all things fall, and enjoying good food.

Every day dress, peas in salad, so fresh no need to even steam.


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