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This time of year, it’s about giving and receiving. A wise woman taught me to receive gifts with grace, it makes everyone feel good. For my favorite kind of gift giving shopping excursion, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery gift shop, wore a felt headband with appliqued flowers and stretch velvet gloves, those have flowers too, given to me by a friend on the first of November for hosting her at a fundraising luncheon. They felt great, thank you, friend.

Were these something I would have bought for myself? Probably not. That’s whats so darn pleasurable about them. When I put them on today I thought about our friendship, the fun we had at that lunch, and of good times to come.

So today I picked up a few pieces of wearable art for some special people in my life at the Gallery shop. It was enjoyable, not crowded, no big deal parking, and I was in and out and even revisited the Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape exhibit with my fourteen year old daughter. A very good day.

Felt headband and Stretch Velvet Gloves | Everything Elmwood

Jacket | Zara | purchased in Seville Spain when it was unseasonably cold last month

Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery | Buffalo NY | through November 2, 2014


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