what are you doing in three days?


Come September 1 and most women I know breathe a little differently. Maybe it’s that promise of a new season, maybe the kids are (finally) back to school, maybe the first or last has just started college, maybe it’s time to go back or revisit work. Maybe there’s been a marriage, or a baby, maybe it’s just that June July and August have come and gone, maybe it’s time to try something new.

If you’ve landed here and you are a natural connector, love great clothes and or want to make money, this is my deal: consider what are you doing in three days? Come September 1 could you think about starting and growing your own business with the support of a luxury fashion company that believes in all women? A position where you work from home while still balancing and breathing and doing all that we all do?

The work I do doesn’t save lives or the environment, plan for the future, or educate our people. The work I do makes the lives of those doing those things better, and easier. By dressing well and feeling good about how they look, women are able to meet the demands of their day while feeling confident and can offer their best work, whether it be cancer research, high finance, practicing law, caring for elderly parents, raising children, running corporations or running errands. It’s all important.

Professionally, if what you are doing in three days isn’t what you want to be doing, let me recruit you. Talk to me about how you can be part of a team  that is all about helping women to wear beautiful clothing while looking good and feeling great. Ask me how you can build your own wardrobe and start your own business. Imagine the possibility, imagine your potential.

What are you doing in three days? This September, why not something new? Email me here at rebecca@everydaydress.com, check out the company I adore at www.worthnewyork.com, or better yet, call me direct at 716-445-3033.

Every day dress. For all women.



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