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Have been feeling a little post shy lately and have also been a little preoccupied. Sixth child and youngest daughter turned thirteen this past weekend, second daughter leaves for Spain in a few weeks, and second son moving to Boston MA to study I’m not sure what. Oldest daughter in town for barely 48 hours and oldest son starting third year of law school. Fifth child, daughter, she’s pretty easy, but still likes her time. Where are we going with this? Not really sure.

Anyways, we all need good clothes for all the running around we do. This combination, white shirt and black skirt gets taken up a notch by the skirt being leather and then right down with the white shirt being a tee. The skirt is so special with the chiffon pleats that it could have gone anywhere; black tie, cocktail, uptown. As we are every day dress, wear the good stuff all the time, pairing it with a low brow tee makes it easy for more casual times. Added from the closet a red quilted Chanel bag and Chanel sandals, sweet bows, both probably at least five years old, and white shirt and black skirt were good to go.

Post shy as in this blog is personality based, always sharing with you the up close and personal, not ever really sure it’s all that interesting. Intent is to inspire women around me to feel good in their skin and to wear their good clothes now. Yes, I know all about when I lose the ten pounds, when I start to exercise, when the job gets less stressful, when the kids go back to school. Feel good now, dress like it matters today.

Every day dress does white shirt, black skirt. Would love to see/hear your white shirt black skirt look. Always a classic.

Black Leather Pleated Skirt | Worth New York Fall 2013

Basic White Tee | Club Monaco

Bag and Sandals | kind of old | Chanel

ps. even though you might pay big time up front for Chanel shoes and bags, they last forever, can make anything at all look great, and guaranteed the women in your life, daughters perhaps, will always find a place for them, no problem.

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  1. Love the simple yet classic beautiful look…Also, killer Chanel shoes with matching red handbag. If the skirt was 12″ shorter I’d wear this outfit out (as a 23 year old). Looking fabulous as always, everyday dress! xxo

  2. Think I was there when the classic red Chanel was purchased. At least picked you up at the St.Regis post purchase. That was a fun night.

    • Oh, Jamie, yes! We so need to go back, that was so much fun, remember you with the Bruce Springsteen gig? Please don’t mind all the daughter stuff I write about, your two handsome sons will undoubtedly have fashion minded women in their life when the time is right. xoxo

  3. Love those shoes—add that to the list of things you will never get rid of but if you do, keep me in mind!!!

  4. Rebecca

    You look Fabulous! Great pairing with that skirt. You are right that can get so much mileage with all the different pairings you mentioned! With all you have going on….6 kids!……you are so great to keep up with the postings! They are always interesting and yes they do inspire to push to take some effort to dress to feel good…however that may be defined. It seems the Worth clothing s really fits into every life event. You pair it all so well.
    Thank you for keeping us all updated! We care and are very interested…..you are special!

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