when the shoe fits


Wasn’t planning on splurging on a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s this past weekend. Dear girlfriend, also shoe size challenged, stopped by with two boxes of footwear her personal shoe stylist overnighted her from Neiman Marcus. Since she didn’t want to keep them all, might be a little much, she let me choose from her anticipated returns.

Happy result? This great pair of Zebra Printed Suede Pumps, size 42. Yes, you got that right, size 42, or the biggest they make, equivalent to US size 12. Normal size here is 41, or 11. Shoes, like jeans, sometimes need the five lb swing. No shame. After 47 years, six kids, countless miles logged both long-distance running and walking, the feet need shoes that fit.

It’s okay. Jackie Kennedy, I’ve read, wore a size 11 shoe. Her name speaks style.

Fashion and lifestyle piece? Feet should look great and footwear should be comfortable. When the shoe fits; buy it, keep it, wear it. Thank you, Amy.

Every day dress.

Manolo Blahnik Zebra Printed Suede Pump | Neiman Marcus

all clothing and bag | Worth New York Winter 2012

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