White Dress and Ricotta Toast

No makeup or hairstyle, dark DIY Mani/Pedi, and long white dress.

I’ve started collecting white dresses. Last season I bought two, and this season I bought two. They have limitations, you really shouldn’t wear them to weddings or bridal showers (I made that mistake once while barely aged twenty-one, and I still regret and think about it), and it’s often hard to cook or serve dinner in them.

Nonetheless, a white dress can feel fresh and effortless when done right.

This dress is just so easy to wear.

The Crinkled Organic-Linen Maxi Dress shown here is one of my recent wardrobe additions. I love a long maxi dress as I’m just not crazy about my legs anymore, not wanting to share the road map of veins on the backs from living the good life. And while this dress drapes from an open neckline into a relaxed, gently flared A-line shape and doesn’t show the work I put in to maintain an active lifestyle, I love the ease and comfort of it. It’s an easy throw-on to run to the market or anywhere.

Now on sale in a limited size run, I’m happy to advise if you are interested.

I served Elizabeth small crostini topped with honey I bought from her college town in Greenville, SC.

As for the Blueberry Crostini with ricotta, thyme leaves, honey, and flaky sea salt? I made that for Elizabeth this morning and served it to her in bed. Inspired by Athena Calderon and found in her Cook Beautiful book, it was a slow and delicious way to greet the day.

Me and Elizabeth, taking it easy while doing the work. She’s been an absolute delight.

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  1. I absolutely love an exfoliating shower with a soft flowery scented scrub then donne a white linen dress, just makes me feel great!!!

    • Sounds divine! Thanks for reading.

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