White Skirt, White Linen

I love the length of this skirt, short skirts for me have never been a thing

Usually a pair of jeans or a dress wearer, I recently bought a long, pleated, white skirt. I honestly couldn’t resist it. I had grand plans for this skirt over the festive season. One of my new favorite Peloton instructors, Ben Alldis, calls all the ridiculous last few weeks ‘the festive season,’ and it made me smile during my ten-minute stretch session last night, all I could handle during my Covid tenure. Yet, the new white skirt has barely seen the light of day.

We’ve been quite festive at home, face masks all around. Some even double! While confined to Peanut’s bedroom, if I wander to clean up Christmas decor or vacuum or some odd job, I get immediately sent back to the barracks. It reminds me of early Covid; when walking down the street outdoors, you kind of immediately crossed to the other side when you saw another pedestrian, so very sad. We’ve been face-masked at home and living together distantly.

I knew Covid was coming for me; I just felt it. I was instinctively staying six feet away from the people in my world, even when walking outdoors. Covid is not fun, and I don’t wish it on anyone. While I love endurance training, this has been extreme.

Groundhog day over here, every day turning into the next
look closely and see Peyton’s place card :), she’s at the table now. Christmas dinner was easy: roasted beef tenderloin with a red wine shallot sauce, and if you can believe it I served frozen corn and frozen green beans, reheated of course, with plenty of good butter.

We’ve been in a bit of a groundhog day situation, and I can count on one hand the few times I’ve left the house in the past twenty-eight days, and three of those times have been to go to the market to tuck in food and beverage supplies. We’ve averaged twenty-nine serving meals per day; if you count average people eating three squares, it’s been a time. Despite the illness and the fear and all the Covid symptoms (it’s been wreaking direct havoc on five of the nine of us and indirect solid havoc on the rest), I honestly wouldn’t trade this time away, either. We’ve been at home, tight.

Anyway, back to the White Skirt and White Linen, which is the headline of this post. When we buy new things, I’m a firm believer in wearing them and wearing them often. When I’m up and out again, this skirt will be on regular rotation, and it will see the light of day and so much more.

me and Peanut, she’s wearing an old pair of my leather pants she found while ‘attic shopping’
Here is my table setting for Christmas Dinner, pretty simple and clean. We love having Christmas crackers, and this year they were particularly good with miniature versions of sewing kits, scissors, scotch tape, a riddle or horoscope type thing, and of course a fun paper crown
The flowers (I cut white roses from the grocery store and mixed them with cuttings from the Christmas tree and the fresh garland) and the place cards were from the night before, I switched up where everyone was seated

My mom recently handed down the white linen tablecloth, she’s out of the sizeable entertaining loop as she should be, and it now has a new life here with me, which I love. She had it for decades, one of her friends picking it up for at an estate sale, buying it on her behalf sight unseen. It has a beautiful monogrammed large W on it, her maiden name being Ward.

A new White Skirt, just getting started, and a vintage White Linen Tablecloth, still hanging around, that’s what I call an every day dress concept for sure.

tone on tone whites, knit sweater, pleated skirt, white linen, and well worn wood floor
white knit, white pleated skirt, new Chanel flats, straight hair pulled back

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