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It’s been a cool and wet stretch here in upstate New York and with the arrival in the mailbox of Fall Preview Look Books can’t help but to think about the clothing season ahead.

Dark nail color is a perennial favorite and pretty much feels like a closet basic. Wore Chanel Vamp when it first debuted in 1994. The love affair with dark short nails continues and Essie’s Wicked is a grocery store fashion quick fix. A high fashion look for less than $10. Bergdorf Goodman’s Fall Preview 2013 Magazine shows many models with dark short nails.

That’s the Wicked part of the post. Now for the Boy:

Absolutely crazy for the Chanel Medium Boy flap bag in black Celtic cable-quilted lambskin, on page 95 of the Bergdorf Goodman Magazine Fall Preview 2013. At $4,400 that would be a long distance stretch for the Fall clothing budget, and quite honestly would probably make me a wicked girl if I went there. Going with the Chanel lipstick with the same name; Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine #54 Boy. An easy to wear every day color. A $34 lipstick is easier to plan for than the $4,400 bag.

At $34, you can get the Boy feeling on your face, and with the $10 Essie nail color, you can have the Wicked feeling on your hands. Wicked Boy. Still thinking about the bag.

Have a great weekend all, and, every day dress.

Essie Nail Color | Wicked

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine | #54 Boy



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