a little woodstock


Lifestyle post: husband and I hosted thirty rising high school freshman for overnight co-ed camping this past weekend.

Fifth child is graduating from eighth grade on Wednesday and to celebrate she wanted to have her entire class out to the country house for a tent camp-out. Of course we said yes.

Party day was preceded by three days of rain. Lots of mud and lots of memories. These kids arrived at three for swimming, pitched their tents, had dinner at seven all at the same long table, danced in the barn, made s’mores and sang by the campfire, got a little rest and were served brunch at eleven. Pick-up at one.

So what do husband and wife hosts wear when entertaining thirty thirteen and fourteen year olds? Anything you can. We were so stinking busy the only thing I can remember were the boots, the apron, the muscle, and the smile.

Dinner was doable, brunch the stretch. Fifty-four eggs, five pounds of bacon, four dozen bagels, two pounds of cream cheese, a watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes required two hours of assembly.

It was messy, not perfect, yet absolutely great.

Every day dress worked a little woodstock this past weekend. Congratulations, Elizabeth. So proud of you.

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  1. Catherine had a wonderful time. Thank you for all you did to make it special and memorable.

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