why and how I blog

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[easyrotator]erc_14_1341230618[/easyrotator] Working from home in the world of fashion with fabulous and interesting women is the absolute best. Looking for women that would like to add another dimension to their probably already busy and full lives is an active pursuit. … Read More

the t-rescue

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[easyrotator]erc_80_1341177923[/easyrotator] Last twenty-four hours at the Otesaga Hotel & Cooper Inn in Cooperstown NY pure delight. Baseball Hall of Fame, great. Highlight of the trip was swimming along side and pushing overturned canoe to the resort dock performing a t-rescue. … Read More

olympic gold

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[easyrotator]erc_87_1340761226[/easyrotator] The design team medaled again. This blouse is fabulous. I am not kidding when I tell you this. I was in the garden after dinner doing some therapeutic weeding in my cream denim lucy pant, the ones you see … Read More

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