Personal Shopping in London

We were dressed for the day; shopping, lunch, theatre, dinner.
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Quick Trip to London

I flew to London to spend some one to one time with Elizabeth, and it was invaluable.
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Recent Trip to NYC

After several years of saying no to work travel, I finally up and did it.
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Booie in Dubai

make sure you have something to wrap yourself in
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The Dylan

I’ve been squirreled away at home in Buffalo in total nesting mode cleaning and organizing every surface and cavity in site. After a summer of non-stop travel, or was it
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still warm here

We’ve been on a bit of a tour (London, Amsterdam, Glasgow), and I’ve been wearing pretty much the same thing. Black dress, black jacket or sweater (or jumper!) white tee,
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Out of Office

Summer 2019 in our Northern Hemisphere ends astronomically on Monday September 23rd and I’m holding on tight.  Fifth child is off to the UK for her junior year semester abroad
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two nights away

packing 'outfits' instead of just 'stuff', for two nights away
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Sometimes it’s that what we find challenging is that what makes us really grow. Life and work have picked up the travel calendar, six kids, almost can’t call them kids anymore, the four of them in big cities are really young adults, a husband that is restless, and growing a fashion business can kind make you be on the move.

Travel? Once you get there all is good. It’s the getting ready and getting out of dodge that’s the big work.


Woke up Tuesday morning out in the country and really didn’t want to go anywhere at all. Got the virtual office thing down but when you’re wanted at the home base for laundry and dinner detail and then the next morning in NYC for work stuff you’ve just got to move.


Put off the details by cooking sauce and meatballs the hottest day of all July. Then packed it in the car with the dogs and the gear to serve it up later. Somehow making dinner for the family makes everything else feel okay. You know that procrastination thing? Anything but the hard stuff and the hard stuff here was packing and going.

Did the dinner thing, went to bed, set the alarm, 3 am, got up and got out of dodge.


Here’s the fashion details: white denim all the way, corporate trip yes but it is July. White denim dress for travel out on Wednesday with a black jacket. White denim jeans with kind of sexy black silk blouse for dinner Wednesday night, no photo, don’t we all dress for dinner? And white denim skirt and silk blouse and cashmere wrap for office meetings the next day it’s always cold when they crank the air conditioning.

Handbag above not really relevant to this post but thinking it is really gorgeous. 🙂


Shoes were black. Black Aquazurra for travel, you can really walk anywhere in those and black low heeled boots for dinner out. Have resolved that any shoe that is worn or packed when traveling needs to be able to move in.

Eden, Buffalo, NYC. Next up, Saturday LAX.

Every day dress, travel.  What we find challenging is really what makes us grow.



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  1. you ROCK!!! Love working with you!!!

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