black white and blue in Chicago

beautiful blue sky, and we walked miles
black dress, white sneakers, white bag outside of Carlisle | Per Se showroom
The Burberry building caught our eye, great looking, and nice things inside

Predictably one of my favorite color palettes is black, white, and shades of blue, (hello Caroline). For touring around the beautiful city of Chicago wore a black silk maxi dress, white sneakers, and carried a white bag, it felt right for a summer city look. That long dress endured 17k steps, up and down and all around the miracle mile, river walk, and even held up for the late afternoon flight home. I’m not afraid in the least of outfit repeat, wore that same dress the night before with a pair of sandals for dinner down in Lincoln Park at North Pond.

the view outside our room
morning room service
we had a suite, home away from home
I spy three handsome men :), and he is all of them

We stayed at The Langham, and absolutely loved it. Great gym, spa, food, room, service and location, would return in a heartbeat.

If you’re in Buffalo you can shop the L’Agence dress locally at Tony Walker & Co., everyone on the floor is helpful, my particular favorite is Lexi.

Every day dress and black, white, and blue while in Chicago.

cool green dress

Arden dress | Carlisle Summer 19

Last week I wore this cool green dress for cocktail reception and then dinner while in Chicago previewing fall and winter collections. The dress is from the summer 19 collection and the fabric is a beautiful stretch Italian linen. I knew when I first saw the line sheets even before seeing the dress that it would be a sell-out, it was just that good. 

Emperor dress | Carlisle Fall 19

I know the sleeveless thing is an issue for many of my clients, there is a cardigan sweater that can go over yet then you kind of lose the beauty of the dress. If you’re okay baring arms here’s the fall 19 version: it’s called Emperor, sheath shape, and the fabric is cross-dyed taffeta in rich green. V-neckline and sleeveless just like the summer version. 

Black block-heeled sandals and nude clutch finished my look, the holiday version would be great with a classic pump. We’re back home now for a little and studying all things fashion prepping for upcoming trunk show. Save the dates of Tuesday, July 30ththrough Monday, August 12thto check out this dress and more in person. Can’t quite get there? We can do virtual style workshops, helping you with everything from sustainable denim to full on glamour. While shopping for fall shoes and boots in the windy city I was told the season is virtually over, so not true, we’re just getting started.

iPhone photo on the street…

breakfast scramble

scallions, greens, eggs, butter, bacon, cheese

On most mornings my two collegiate daughters and I try and get in as many greens as we can by way of scrambling them into our eggs. We start with sliced scallions and sauté them in butter until softened. Next comes shredded or chopped spinach, swiss chard, or whatever leafy thing we have on hand. Here you see some leftover crumbled bacon and grated gruyere. It all makes for a great wake-up and is scrambled up and dished out usually after a morning workout. Toast with mashed avocado and sliced tomatoes rounds things out nicely. 

eggs, greens, diluted orange juice

Yesterday while in Chicago I hit the gym early, walked to my meeting downtown, and had the breakfast that was provided. Not my usual, it was cheese pastry and sweetened yogurt with granola and a few berries, yet really anytime I am served I am most appreciative and simply go with the flow. 

another striped shirtdress

a good dress means you’re out the door in minutes

Yesterday I flew to Chicago to attend today’s Carlisle | Per Se fall 19 preview. I’ll be in workshops and sessions learning all about the clothes my clients and I will be wearing beginning late July. Fall clothes are great, it feels like back to school and a completely fresh start. 

Packing, as usual, not the favorite part of travel. Once the stuff is in the case and you’re at the airport then the fun begins. Getting the stuff for the trip in the case can leave me standing in the closet thinking oh what to wear and oh what to bring. 

A good dress never fails me, it’s one and done, and all you need is a pair of shoes and a bag. Shown here is a Per Se dress from spring 19 that I’ve been wearing on repeat. Of course, it’s striped, and of course it’s navy. The shirtdress style is so easy, it’s got a no pants feel. My second daughter loves no pants days, those are days for herself when she does what she wants and wears what she wants, and usually those days don’t involve pants. I think its brilliant. 

When I’m struggling with what to wear or what to pack, throwing on or throwing in a dress solves the problem. For sure I’ll be looking for the best dresses of the fall season and placing orders. A great dress or three can be the lifeline of a good strong wardrobe.

picnic food

at the grill and table is set, Winston looking at the camera
the roasted fennel was a big hit, roasted red onions are great on sandwiches the next day
roasted zucchini with thyme, garlic, salt and pepper
marinade had apricot preserves, fresh ginger, garlic, scallions, soy sauce, so good…

Quick post: holiday weekend and wishing everyone a happy, safe 4th of July. You know I love food, yesterday we had a little kick-off gathering and I did some roasted vegetables, a big green salad with a simple vinaigrette, and some great barbecued chicken.

part of the easy buffet

I also did some marinated grilled flank steak, second son thought that was a nice switch-up. Baked off a bunch of blueberry pies, no photos, we were busy enjoying one another’s company.

Happy 4th.

let’s speak French

boom, just as I got a little comfortable with my super simple French expressions, we were on our way out

Exactly as I was feeling somewhat confident third week in with my super simple French conversations, boom, we packed up and flew to Spain. Super thankful sixth child is French fluent, and four of our other kids can speak Spanish. Me, not so much, and definitely felt challenged and my brain had to work overtime. 

Three weeks in the south of France surrounded by all of our kids, pure heaven, husband and I would go back in a heartbeat. 

French dress, French handbag

While packing I threw in my one and only Chanel ready-to-wear piece, this dress I wore last summer for oldest daughter’s country-side wedding reception. Danced all night and put myself to bed, still wearing the dress. The next morning, I slipped it off, probably dropped it on the floor, and maybe the next day hung it on a hanger. There it hung, no steaming no cleaning until I just recently popped it in a large zip-lock bag and stuck it on the top layer of my case. Good clothes don’t need to be precious; I believe they are meant to be worn, loved, enjoyed. 

Thinking I’ve got a pretty decent handle on French clothes and food, really need to spend some time concentrating on the language. Oldest son did some Spotify podcasts while driving before traveling, and he was spot on.