all covered up

IMG_2132For a fundraising luncheon on Friday, wore a high collared, long-sleeved, over the knee silk print dress, with new over the knee black leather boots.




Second daughter thought the look was no fun, we here we’re okay. Not sure if it’s the fifth decade, yet we’re kind of feeling like all covered up is the way to go, and even sexy in an offhand way.




Spent internet hours deciding on which over-the-knee boots to have express shipped in, these are a tough thing to get right women and we just went for it. Most of them are designed for a 5’11” frame legs up to the arms. Not happening here, no way, so just decided to own it and ordered the block heel #walkable boot from Gucci. We looked at them all, way way too much, and this was the pick.

Every day dress, all covered up. We like to inspire women to feel good in what they wear, and to sometimes go beyond.

Dress | Worth New York

Boot | Gucci at NET-A-PORTER

Bag | Louis Vuitton

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  1. Mama mia! Those boots cover you up beautifully!

    • Thank you Ann Lee, these were the best we found, for many purposes. We like to look good, feel good, and be able to walk everywhere and anywhere. Thanks for reading, and commenting. Every day dress beautiful women. 🙂

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