dinner two ways

Promise we won’t turn this blog into food only, we’ve been a little shy on the outfit posts while we’re sweating it out in the gym. ūüôā





Chicken Pot Pie doesn’t necessarily count for double points in the looking svelte¬†department, yet it sure can comfort a Sunday night family dinner. Next night we served up a variation, all takes from the weekend trip to the farmers market. Roasted sliced chicken from the day double batch the day before, lightly pan-fried to warm it up, sliced home-grown radishes and cooked beets all on top of a bed of greens. Local delicious ch√®vre from First Light Creamery spread on medium sliced toast balanced it all out. We couldn’t let the scooped out pulp from the jack o’lantern sit unused, so roasted those seeds up with a little butter and kosher salt. So sweet.


Professionally we’ve been outfitting our clients in things like a Firecracker Red Crepe Jersey Sashed Jumpsuit, a Breen Shocking Pink Doubleface Neoprene Jacket, or a Vicuna Suede Laced Wrap Skirt so on our downtime we just can’t seem to shake the blue jeans black sweater combo.

We’ll get there, gorgeous clothes are simply an outfit away.

Happy Wednesday all, and every day dress, blue jeans and black sweaters or not. Back to the office today and big event on Friday, WNY Women’s Fall in Fashion luncheon at The Buffalo Club, for sure there will be lots of gorgeous clothes, stay tuned. ¬†ūüôā

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  1. I like your food posts Rebecca. You always are inspiring in how you cook and serve REAL food!

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