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Everyone is super busy right about now and fast glamour can help you pull things off. Picked up this great silver fox collar while on business travel this past week. Wore it over a dress for meetings and here it is over a luxurious zip-up hoodie, fabricated from super soft suede.

Are you anti-fur? If you like the look simply go for a faux version. Agreed, this look is not for all but if you are juggling work, family, office parties, home parties, shopping, in-laws, out-laws, travel, card writing, baking, decorating, dog walking and more– a fabulous collar could be just your thing to add some glamour to your every day wear.

This dressed up version of a sweatshirt is so great. Black suede front and back, ponte sleeves, double zip, double entry pockets, and jersey knit lined- it could not be better looking or more comfortable. Picked that up in secaucus nj as well. Work trips are fun.

Red lipstick can certainly add fast glamour. You probably have that in your makeup drawer already. Why not put it on when you are out to walk the dog(s)?

Every day dress tries fast glamour on the first friday in december.

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Hematite and Zinc Fox Donut | Worth New York Fall 2012

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  1. mom, nobody says “the bomb” anymore. but you look beautiful xoxo

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