Super fit friend, you know the one, Amy, texted me Sunday morning at 8:30 and asked if I would go with her for a 10:30 am spin and functional training class. From bed with coffee, double cream, and the New York Times Styles and Business Section texted her back and said, let me think about it. Her reply? Long and lean, Rebecca, long and lean. She got me there, been going after that look for I don’t know how long. I said, okay, great, what time are you picking me up, I need to go eat some cookies first. Mind you, she had just flown in from Palm Springs CA the night before. Does she ever sleep?

So, here is the gist: BikeOrBar on Elmwood Avenue. Super pump, great music, flashing colored lights in a dark room, and hip video on the huge Apple TV screen. This is the kind of place that you wear your workout clothes coming and going. It’s fun to have friends in their thirties.

45 minutes of spin, 45 minutes of functional training. Great spin, got a little antsy during the functional training, I mean, come on, these years of working out and we need 90 minutes? Amy told me this was the weekend treat, you can get in and get out much more quickly than 90.

Great workout, and yes, every day dress will be and needs to be back. Upon checkout complimented Robert, thank you, and asked for a class schedule. No paperwork, everything is completely done online. Pretty cool, class and spin schedules and reserve your spot online from your smart phone.

Amy and I with families will be touching down in  Naples FL together late March. She says I need to do the four-week press. I say Bike Or Bar? I’ll take both. 🙂

Thank you Robert, Alex, and staff. You’ve got a great workout going on.

Amy, super fit is front and center. Every day dress, having a great time, in the yellow tank.

To check it out visit BikeOrBar.



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  1. THIS is exactly what I’ve been looking for when I move back to Buffalo. I’m not gonna lie, I was quite nervous that I would not find a spin studio like my fav nyc ones, but I’m very eager and excited to try BikeorBar

    • Laura, we should go together sometime. Message me when you are back in town. Could be fun!

  2. I will! Would love it! Very soon 🙂

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