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When your twenty year old daughter in Boston is texting your twenty-two year old daughter in Buffalo from a quick photo saying ‘wait, I want that shirt’ and that shirt is yours and what you represent, you know you are on to something.

So happy that the clothes every day dress has dressed women in now for close to twelve years are for all ages. Even though what you see here is all black, can’t seem to shake that, women from fourteen to seventy-four and on are able to wear these on trend pieces without appearing to be trying to hard.

It’s a beautiful thing when the woman is the focus and the wardrobe is ‘best supporting.’ Best supporting, in our fashion book here, means critical, important, key, but not the main event.

When your wardrobe is flexible enough to dress you, and maybe yours, through all ages,moods, and occasions, it’s a good thing, so celebrate.

Celebrate we did. Small family dinner out and she wore the black blouse with camisole. At home we did some outfit shots for the blog and then she slipped the camisole off to continue her night out heading back downtown. Advice to her has always been, yes, it’s sexy to show some skin, but only one part at a time. Here, cleavage. Other nights she might choose legs. Never both. Her entire outfit was chic, sophisticated, and what all good-looking young women want for a night out downtown, a little sexy. Love how she was completely covered with the exception of the keyhole opening. Provocative enough that she received tons of compliments but not so over the top that it set her apart.

Clothes shown here are all from a developed over time closet. Love that the twenty-two year old is wearing them and that the twenty year old wants them.

Every day dress loves clothes for all ages.

Happy Saturday night.

Here we go, blogging it again, all clothes | Worth New York


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