black and navy, again

IMG_3006For two days in a row, have worn exactly the same outfit: black wide leg pants, navy silk blouse. Really loving the swagger of the full leg and high waist. Add a heel and you’ve got it going on. Totally worked for work and more.

Not sure why black and navy creates energy, really easy to do, especially after a long holiday weekend and nothing seems to fit or look right. Too much fun, back on track, hitting the gym Thursday and Friday, trainer on vacation.

When you’re stuck, not sure what to put on the body, try black and navy. Everyone has black trousers, pull a navy silk blouse. Try adding a soft neutral shoe when doing this combination summertime.

Black and navy again, needing things that are easy. Every day dress.

Marion Pant | Worth New York Fall 2013



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  1. My goodness I LOVE those pants! Makes me long for fall, but no rush!

    • A fan! A comment! Thank you! I LOVE that you LOVE these pants! 🙂 call me text me email me anytime, please, love the interaction, thanks again.

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