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Fashion friends, many of us might have the luxury of not having to get out of the shorts and t-shirts for the day and yes, that is a luxury, count myself in some of the days of the week. This post is for the 60% or so of us that might work from home or work all day at home.

Here is a look that is as easy as your favorite yoga pants and zipped sweatshirt, yet dressed. Shows some skin, not all of it, and that’s probably a good thing, but let’s everyone out there know, yes, you perhaps go to the gym.

Every day dress speaks with women all day long. Many women say they have no need for anything during the day beyond shorts and a tee, here we might disagree. Consider this: if we all ran around, our men included,  in shorts and a tee, or yoga pants and a zipped sweatshirt, what would we look like as a community? Probably not very impressive.

So, here, a look that won’t win any best dressed, yet dressed enough. Every day dress does a look as easy as shorts and a tee, and leaves the sneakers in the closet.



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