the ongoing edit

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Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends. So much to be thankful for.

Thank you for reading and thank you for flexibility. During the last few days of downtime thought a lot about the blog, work, women, clothes, and life.

Thinking that the blog could focus on women having and wearing clothes they feel good and look great in. Wardrobe and closet essentials that move through all of life’s facets, up and down.

Work is essential, necessary, fundamental, challenging, and at it’s best flexible and moving. Work in many forms provides structure and definition, and a great counterpart to downtime, which seems to be essential too.

Women do many things and most of the time need to be dressed. Most women I know have a love for clothes. Even the far from clothes horse highly intelligent therapist said to me at one time, Rebecca, all women love clothes.

So here’s to life, and the ongoing edit. Believing that women having and wearing clothes they feel good and look great in is a very good thing. As for the jeans? Kind of liking the bootleg throwback after seasons of skinnies. IMG_2882

Every day dress, for all of life’s facets.

Tangent: made strawberry jam this morning from local home-grown berries. Used to do that all the time in enormous batches when kids were young. Even picked the berries. The ongoing edit…

Silk Blouse | new | Zara

White Jeans | 7 years old | purchased and worn when twins turned sixteen

Belt | old, not sure when | Hèrmes

Sunglasses | new | Céline

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